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Service Description
GWTracker is a market tracking service designed to provide member carriers with timely and accurate data on their performance in the global wholesale industry each month. It is a valuable, analytical tool that provides comparative data on 1000 + routes, highlights industry trends, and can help a carrier in its tactical and strategic decision making.
GWTracker provides detailed tracking reports to its members via secure web access and with customization options for report creation using a pivot table format. Three primary reports are published each month: Detailed Route Report, Executive Summary Report, and the GWTracker Analyzer.
Detailed Route Report includes:

MARKET SHARE REPORTS: A country share report and route level report that track volumes, revenues, market share, fixed/mobile, quality level (A vs. B), and number of suppliers for each route and country.

PRICING REPORT: Tracks carrier price versus average price of all suppliers, and the maximum and minimum range of the prices offered on a route.
GROWTH RATE REPORT: Compares month-over-month minute and revenue growth rates.
GROSS MARGIN REPORT: Tracks carrier gross margin percentage versus aggregate of all suppliers on a route.

NETWORK QUALITY REPORTS: Five individual sub-reports track ALOC, ASR, and NER versus aggregate suppliers on a route, plus CLI and Mobile Roaming features if offered.
In addition, a summary of total industry performance from all reporting members is included:

INDUSTRY OVERVIEW REPORT: Shows country-level summary data for all tracked routes including those not offered by a carrier. Summary data tracks volume, revenue, price, gross margin, and month-over-month growth rate trends.
Executive Summary Report

Designed for key executives, the report provides quarter-over-quarter and quarter versus a year ago analysis for 7 regions, by fixed/mobile, A vs. B Quality, and a member’s ordinal rank.
GWTracker Analyzer

Gives members on-line, searchable access to GWTracker’s historical data base of up to 36 months and provides them with Power Point charts and numerical outputs to quickly highlight trend performance in metrics such as minutes, market share, price, gross margin, ASR, and NER.

Industry Data that is Accurate… Timely… Secure… and Confidential

Validation Report is immediately and automatically generated after every monthly submission allowing each member to visually compare their current month data to their previous month. It utilizes a numeric and color-coded system to identify growth/decline, new routes, and changes that are over 50%.

The GWTracker team reviews every member file submission and scans for input errors and data that is significantly out-of-range compared to previous months and other members. Questionable data is reviewed with the submitting member to verify for accuracy prior to processing and posting of results.
Members are required to upload data by the 15th day of the following month.
Results are generally posted within 48 hours of the last file uploaded.
Carrier data is protected in a secure, encrypted data base that is certified by VeriSign.

Access authorization is managed and controlled by each member’s own employee Data Administrator. This person is authorized to issue passwords to company users, upload member data, and download reports.
Member-only service for wholesale suppliers.
Confidentiality agreement protects member-specific data.
Each member receives their data only and a comparison to the aggregate of all members.

Members receive an unlimited internal use license for internal company usage only. GWTracker is also restricted from any public disclosure.

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